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Fox Blocks are a pioneer in the industry. They basically created a new way, more efficient way to build concrete walls. Precision-engineered and double insulated, these blocks are both strong and high-performing.

The Nebraska-based company is a leader in the ICF industry, and they’ve been making concrete forms since 2005. In addition to their wall assemblies, Fox Blocks also provides training, education and advanced BIM support.

What Makes Fox Blocks ICF The Best In Class?

Fox Blocks ICF Home
Stunning ICF Home Built With © FoxBlocks

ICFs offer a greener alternative to traditional building materials, but what makes Fox Blocks assemblies so special? Aren’t all ICF manufacturers the same? Not exactly.

6 Key Reasons Fox Blocks A Best in Class

#1 – Rebar Support

Fox Blocks have rebar support, making it one of the strongest systems available for below and above-grade walls. Fox Blocks exceeds FEMA-ATFP Federal Military Standards for safety, durability and resiliency.

#2 – Double-Layer Insulation

Fox Blocks have a double layer of insulation for energy savings and to reduce outside noise. Their blocks have an R-value of over 23.5.

#3 – Superior Air Tightness

With a continuous air barrier, Fox Blocks exceeds building codes for air tightness. This allows for a more comfortable interior while offering additional energy savings.

#4 – Natural Vapor Barrier

The wall assemblies from Fox Blocks have a PERM rating of <1.0, which means that their blocks virtually eliminate mold, moisture and rot from buildings. This contributes to healthier indoor air quality.

#5 – Reversible Interlock

Fox Blocks assemblies are designed with efficiency in mind. Their unique block design saves time on construction while minimizing waste. The 2” parallel fit connection makes assembly quick and easy.

#6 – Easy Fastening Strip System

With full-height, embedded fastening strips, Fox Blocks eliminates the need for thermal bridging. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to exterior finishes. From siding to brick and virtually everything in between, these blocks are strong enough to handle just about anything.

Fox Blocks Products

FoxBlocks ICF Forms
© FoxBlocks

Fox Blocks offers three main product lines and accessories.

Fox Blocks Series

The core product series offered by the company. It comes in several different configurations, including:

  • Straight Block: Accounts for 80%-85% of the wall’s assembly. Consists of six ultra-strong, molded plastic ties that secure the two pieces of EPS foam together. Blocks are stacked tightly together and inter-lock. Reinforcing steel bars are interlocked tightly together in the block’s ties after a single layer of ICF blocks have been installed.
  • Corner Block: Accounts for 15-20% of the ICF wall. These also have six injection molded plastic ties, but they also have a unique corner bracket that’s 1-1/2″ wide and 7/32” thick to add more strength and support.
  • T-Block: Accounts for 1-2% of the wall assembly. These blocks have eight injection molded plastic ties, which secure three pieces of EPS foam together. T-blocks are installed similarly to straight blocks, but their shape helps minimize the amount of form bracing needed.
  • 45 Degree Angle Block: Accounts for less than 5% of the wall system. These blocks have five injection molded plastic ties as well as a corner bracket that’s 1-1/2″ wide and 7/32” thick. The bracket adds support and strength. These blocks have large fastening surfaces for exterior veneer finishes.
  • Radius Block: A specialty block used to create curved walls. Pre-molded and 16” in length, these blocks allow you to create curved walls of any length. A variety of radiuses are available.
  • Tanger Top Block: Accounts for 1-2% of the wall system. Like the straight block, this one has six injection molded plastic ties that secure the two pieces of EPS foam. As the name suggests, these blocks are used at the top of the wall.
  • Curb Block: A patent pending system that allows you to create a curb with the block to add support wherever needed.
  • Brick-Ledge Block: Accounts for 1-2% of the wall system. These blocks have six injection molded ties that secure the two EPS foam pieces together. They’re used at the top of the wall to support lateral loads, like floor joist loads.

Fox Blocks Compact Series

A panelized product that saves on costs and is designed with efficiency in mind.

These blocks stack with the Fox Blocks Series blocks, but they save on costs because they are delivered flat. The ties can easily be inserted at the job site.

These blocks are available in four main forms:

  • Straight Panel: A single panel with a reversible interlocking thread design that allows it to be used on either side up. These panels can be joined with other panels using cavity webs. Furring strips allow exterior finishes to be easily added.
  • Taper Top Panel: Delivers 1.5” of structural bearing area to the top of a wall. Panels can be joined together or with straight panels or brick ledge panels using cavity webs. Embedded furring strips allow you to attach interior and exterior finishes with ease.
  • Brick Ledge Panel: A single-piece brick ledge panel that supports brick veneer. Can be combined with any other panel using a cavity web.
  • Web Insert: A cavity web insert that comes in a variety of sizes. These inserts are made with injection molded plastic for superior strength. They include rebar clips to reduce the need for ties.

Fox Blocks RevealOne Series

The RevealOne series is an innovative design. One side features a temporary wood panel, while the other side features a standard compact insulated panel. Once the concrete placement is complete, the temporary wood panel is then removed to create a smooth finish.

These are ideal for parking garages, stairwells, gyms, elevator shafts and other areas where exposed concrete is desirable.

Each RevealOne block is compatible with all of Fox Blocks’ products. They span 48” long and 16” high. They’re available in two forms:

  • N: When paired with the compact insert web, it creates concrete core sizes of 6”, 8”, 10” or 12”.
  • F: When paired with the compact insert web, it creates concrete core sizes of 6-5/8”, 8-5/8”, 10-5/8” or 12-5/8”.

Fox Blocks Accessories

Fox Blocks also offers a range of accessories that complement their products, including:

  • Fox Buck: Window and door buck with continuous insulation. Features 1” x 1” notches that create a superior barrier against moisture and drafts.
  • HV Clip: Eliminates the need for truss wire. These clips work both vertically and horizontally.
  • Energy Stick: Gives Fox Blocks walls an R-8 boost.

These are just a few of the many accessories that Fox Blocks offers with their wall system.

Fox Blocks Wall Benefits

ICF Foundation
© FoxBlocks & ThousandSquareFeet

Fox Blocks stand out from the competition because they’re different. The main benefits of working with this company are:

Designed with Today and the Future in Mind

What does the future hold? When it comes to building, you need to work with a forward-thinking company that understands the needs of today while also considering the demands of tomorrow.

Fox Blocks are meant for this exact purpose.

High-end builds allow for these walls to be:

  • Double-insulated to remain energy efficient
  • Steel-reinforced to be strong and durable

When it comes to peace of mind, very few walls are able to meet the high standards and integrity that Fox Blocks can offer. Sparing no expense, the walls meet the building codes of today while offering such a robust design that they’ll easily meet the needs of tomorrow’s building codes, too.

Net Zero Building

Net Zero is the future of building because it allows for building with no energy consumption. On an annual basis, Fox Blocks are able to stand up against the elements better than competing solutions.

If you’re trying to meet your net zero goals, these blocks can help you with superb energy savings that will last a lifetime.

Quick Construction

Construction time is a major concern in today’s construction market because the housing market is booming. There’s not enough supply to meet the demands of the market pushing prices higher. Fox Blocks offers a better, more efficient build that requires less labor and is faster.

The company takes matters a step further with their own support team that will:

  • Go to your construction site and help train you
  • Help you virtually to learn how to rapidly construct your walls

There is also an Integrated Learning Center (ILC) which has training and technical documents to help you erect your Fox Blocks faster and with better results. Whether you’re a major contractor building custom homes or are building your dream home, Fox Blocks can help speed the process up.

Strength and Durability

Weather patterns are changing, building codes are stricter and strength and durability are now in the spotlight. Steel-reinforced walls allow for the building to be constructed faster and more effectively while also being able to withstand strong windows and the elements.

When compared to other materials, the steel-reinforced walls are the clear winner in terms of durability and strength.

Fox Blocks are known for providing strength against the elements that includes exceeding or meeting:

  • Safety requirements
  • Resiliency requirements
  • Durability requirements

Fox Blocks are so strong that they even meet Federal Military and DoD standards – never easy to do.

Versatility in Design

Every construction project brings its own challenges that will need to be met with versatile materials. Fox Blocks offer a multitude of concrete core thicknesses, shapes and sizes that allow you to create virtually any design using Fox Blocks.

The wall assembly can work well with any interior or exterior of your choosing, including but not limited to:

  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Drywall
  • Fiber
  • Stone
  • Stucco

Fox Blocks offer the versatility that every construction project needs to be a success.

Comfort and Quiet

Indoor comfort and quiet are one of the building characteristics that you can’t overlook. The interior environment that Fox Blocks offers is unmatched in terms of quietness and comfort. Comfort is provided thanks to the material’s ability to:

  • Eliminate moisture from entering the space
  • Offering accurate climate control
  • Mitigating sound
  • Better managing air flow

Whether in a classroom, office building or apartment, these walls outperform the competition while providing substantial benefits.

How Much Do Fox Blocks Cost?

Fox Blocks has been used for massive projects because the is fast, efficient and affordable. One project of note was the Discovery Elementary School which is a massive 98,000 square foot project with 57,000 square foot of ICF.

While the entire construction time took 56 weeks to complete, it took only 100 days to complete the ICF installation. The school spent a total of $43 million on the project – many costs unrelated to Fox Blocks – but they were able to:

  • Install 34 feet gym walls
  • Reduce annual heating and cooling by $117,000
  • Receive a zero energy certification

Since the project came in way under budget, the school was able to divert $2.9 million to other projects in the school district.

Understanding the 3 Main Costs of Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks can also be installed on much smaller applications that don’t include massive schools. There are three main cost factors that will go into your project’s quote to determine pricing:

  1. Block Cost. ICF blocks cost, roughly, $0.10 per square foot. This is the lowest cost of the project.
  2. Ancillary Cost. System installs may have other costs that aren’t including in the material cost and may vary from one project to another. For example, internal trusses may need to be installed which are not going to be a part of the overall block cost.
  3. Labor Cost. Installation labor is going to be your largest cost and will depend on the contractors chosen, project size and region. A contractor that understands how Fox Blocks work and that has underwent all of the appropriate training will be able to construct the building faster than someone using Fox Blocks for the first time.

Fox Blocks are a revolutionary way to get your construction project done faster and more efficiently. The steel-reinforcements allow for your walls to greatly exceed local building codes and withstand even the harshest of elements while the double insulation leads to a net zero building that will save you significant money on heating and cooling.

A project estimator is available online and will help you better understand the total cost of your project. You can also speak to one of the support team members that will better help you crunch the numbers and come up with a base estimate of how much your project may cost.

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