Everlog Concrete Siding

EverLog was founded in 2000 with the goal of building a better log home. Log homes need a lot of work to keep them livable, including sealing and staining annually.

The company creates concrete logs that eliminate the risk of:

  • Mold
  • Fire
  • Termites
  • Rot

What Is Concrete Log Siding?

Concrete Faux Wood Siding
Hand-Hawn Concrete Faux Siding© Everlog Systems

Concrete logs look similar to traditional, wooden logs without the disadvantages of wood.

EverLogs are patented and provide a real wood look with a maintenance-free design and a quality that traditional wooden logs cannot provide.

The logs are built to provide the same look and feel of natural wood without any of the pesky problems.

All of the logs are manufactured using concrete that is reinforced to add structural stability to the building.

The logs aren’t created using fiber concrete. Instead, the logs are built using a material called Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Fiber cements, on the other hand, include wood pulp, which is susceptible to moisture and can penetrate logs or siding.

Log siding is designed to be lightweight, with a 12’ panel weighing between 42 and 55 pounds.

Logs can be purchased with one of three pre-finishes, or you can opt to have a custom color mixed. Finishes are designed to be long-lasting and are put in place using a deep penetrating process that allows the finish to last 50+ years.

EverLog serves Canada, United States and all international markets.

Why Choose EverLog?

A custom concrete log home in Wisconsin © Everlog Systems

EverLog is the original industry manufacturer of concrete logs.

The company’s concrete log siding offers numerous benefits:

Key Benefits of Concrete Log Siding


Maintenance-free design eliminates the need to stain or seal logs annually. Traditionally, a log cabin owner spends $750 annually to keep their wood logs maintained. EverLog siding reduces this expense with a maintenance-free design that doesn’t require yearly maintenance or expensive re-staining and resealing, which can cost $6,000 every five or six years.

Multiple Size Options

Siding panels come in multiple size options that are all lightweight and can lead to fewer panels being required for the build. The siding options available are:

  • 8” – 16” height
  • 12’ long
  • Cover of 8’ to 16’

Profiles are available for small cabins or large custom buildings. All profiles offer the high-end structural integrity that EverLogs has built their business on.

Lightweight Design

Standard siding panels, which are 12’, will weigh between 42 and 55 pounds each. The lightweight design and larger panel size also offer less installation and cutting time. Fasteners are also reduced, speeding up the installation process further.

Texture Options

Multiple texture options are available, including rustic, rough swan, milled and even adze. The panels are designed to mimic the look and feel of real wood. All options offer checks, knots and grain textures, which are found in natural wood.

Textures add to the real look and feel of the concrete.


Wood logs have their faults, which EverLog attempts to solve with their concrete design. The resistance options that are available include:

  • Fire. All concrete log homes that use EverLog siding are designed to be Class A fire-rated. When compared to traditional, wooden logs, these concrete logs provide superior fire protection. Homeowners can save up to 20% on their insurance premiums.
  • Mold and rot. Mold and fungal problems plague wooden log homes, but EverLog siding doesn’t suffer from these same problems. Concrete doesn’t culture mold. There’s no concern of mold, nor does concrete rot.
  • Insects. Termites and carpenter ants, among other wood-eating insects, are also not a concern when using EverLog siding.

Versatile, these logs can be used on the exterior and in the interior of the home, too.

Environmentally-friendly Design

Across the country, there’s a major focus on environmentally-friendly design concepts. Concrete logs from EverLog offer two key benefits to the environment:

  1. No trees are cut down in the building process.
  2. Recycled materials are used in the design process to help reduce the amount of cement in the mix. Fly ash, for example, is added to the mix and doesn’t negatively affect the structure or soundness of the material.

EverLog siding offers environmental benefits as well as lifelong benefits for homeowners.

Using this building material will save you money in the long-term by eliminating the need for costly maintenance and repairs.

Building and Design Benefits

Preserving the look and feel of wood is just one of the goals of EverLog.

The company’s patented design process also puts a major focus on building and design benefits. When you choose EverLog siding, you’re choosing a material that is:

  • Innovative. Materials are all designed to be as innovative as possible. The glass fibers reinforce the concrete. The logs are stronger and more durable than their wooden counterparts.
  • Shrink, shift and settle. Wooden planks are known for naturally shifting and settling. Moisture content and the natural properties of wood can lead to twisting, shrinkage and settling issues. The EverLog product doesn’t need adjustments, saving a significant amount of time and money if any of these issues occur.
  • Seamless connections. Horizontal connections are offered to allow for even placement that is both seamless and looks natural.
  • Compliant. Building codes ensure that the building you construct is able to withstand the local climate and weather conditions. All of the EverLog siding options are compliant with all building codes.

EverLog is a supply company that specializes in custom concrete log homes.

Sample log homes floor plans are available through the company, but the plans are only “idea starters,” according to the company. You’ll need to discuss your plans with a builder or with EverLog if you have a custom design that you want to use for your log home.

For over 17 years, EverLog has offered top-of-the-line concrete logs that are indistinguishable from real, wooden logs in appearance. Designed to look just like wooden logs, the concrete logs offer superior resistance to mold, rot and wood-eating insects.

Fire is also less of a concern when using EverLog panels.

If you’re planning on building a cabin or commercial buildings that use the log home style, EverLog offers benefits that cannot be achieved with other building materials.

Visit Everlogs.com for more information.

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