Nudura ICF

Nudura ICF is a leader in integrated building technology, offering build blocks, ICFs and more to improve efficiency, performance and construction time. When compared to traditional building methods, Nurdura is more consistent, resilient and durable.

Nudura ICF Products and Technology

Nurdura ICF dealers praise the company’s products and technology, which benefit everyone, from residents to consumers and architects.

Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms

Nudura insulated concrete forms

Every detail matters in construction, and ICF is designed to last for generations. The insulated concrete forms from Nudura allow for:

  • Innovative products
  • Creativity

ICF systems allow for energy efficiency in every form, disaster-proof strength and the ability to adapt to ever-changing weather patterns. Each component is designed to work together for maximum strength.

Offering an 8-foot length form helps reduce waste and improve build time.

Forms are sent folded and can unfold in seconds to allow for fast installation. Each form is built to interlock with others and snap together in minutes. Fastening strips run the entire length of the form, preventing floating or compression.

Four-way reversible systems ensure forms align together.

At the end of the day, you can envision a new system of building that works to make a house a home.

ICF vs Wood

Wood is no longer the superior building material.

The Nudura ICF series offers:

  • Thermal bridging to enhance efficiency by as much as 60%
  • Sound- and vibration-proofing
  • 4 times the typical wood frame fire protection rating
  • 250 mph wind resistance
  • Faster build time

The question for builders is, why wouldn’t you use ICF instead of wood?             

What Sets Nudura ICF Apart?

Innovation is what sets Nudura’s build blocks apart from the competition. Four key technologies help reinvigorate construction, including:

Duralok Technology

Triple tooth interlocking helps eliminate wire and glue forms, reducing installation time and cost. Building requires components to be stacked and for full height fastening that is more accurate than other forms.

Duramax Technology

Duramax allows for the largest form on the market, with measurements of 96” x 18”. This allows for 60% fewer joints compared to other systems. Installers can place a 12-square-foot area in one block.

Durafold Technology

Using state-of-the-art folding technology allows blocks to fold flat and ship with greater ease. Folding allows for 40% more material to be placed on the shipping truck and doesn’t impact the build time.

Once on location, the blocks unfold and stack.

4-Way Reversible System

Left and right corners are eliminated are eliminated thanks to the patented foam locking system. Using a four-way reversible system speeds up build times and reduces product waste in the process.

Nudura ICF Swimming Pools

Nudura’s ICFs can be used for more than just building homes or structures. They can also be used to build in-ground swimming pools.

ICF pools offer superior durability and insulation, which helps reduce energy costs and improves longevity. Best of all, these ICFs can be made to suit any design.

Pools lose a lot of their heat through the sides and bottom. Insulated concrete forms reduce heat loss, which further reduces the energy costs of keeping the pool warm.

Custom ICF swimming pools offer the following benefits:

  • Quick construction
  • Impressive strength and safety
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Superior insulation

Nudura offers the largest standard form on the market for ICF pools.

7 Key Benefits of Nudura ICF Series Technology

For homeowners, Nudura’s ICF series offers a number of benefits, including:

#1 – Quick Construction

Nudura ICFs come flat-packed and require less labor to install. Because they are lightweight, prefab and quick curing, these ICFs speed up construction time considerably.

#2 – Better Insulation

The ICF series from Nudura offers superior insulation that’s continuous around the entire home. Insulation exceeds energy codes, making the home extra energy efficient.

Here is a clip about their Homega insulation…

#3 – Create Any Look

Nudura’s ICFs come in a wide range of colors and finishes to help create the look of a more traditional home. Choose from granite, brick, stucco, metals and more.

#4 Cost-Effective

In general, concrete forms require less maintenance, which saves homeowners time and money. Low maintenance is just one reason why Nudura ICFs are cost-efficient. The energy efficiency of concrete forms means that homeowners spend less money on energy bills every month.

#5 – Leak-Free

Nudura ICFs offer superior protection against moisture, air and thermal inflation. Their concrete forms have been performance tested.

#6 – Highly Durable and Sustainable

Nudura ICFs are made from 100% recycled polypropylene, which reduces your carbon footprint and waste. Wood framing contributes to deforestation, but ICFs do not.

The ICFs from Nudura are steel-reinforced, with solid concrete cores ranging from 4-12″ to provide optimal strength and durability.

#7 -Wind Resistance

One major advantage of Nudura ICFs is that they offer extreme wind resistance of up to 250 mph. That’s equivalent to an F4 tornado. With extreme weather events becoming the norm, having that level of wind resistance gives peace of mind that one of your biggest investments will be protected.

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