Southern Concrete Materials

Southern Concrete Materials has been in business for nearly a century, but in its early days, they were known as Reed and Abee, Inc. The Asheville, NC-based company began offering ready-mix concrete products, and in 1920, they added Oakley Construction Company to their family.

The company grew over the following decades and changed names one more time before transitioning to Southern Concrete Materials, Inc. in 1983.

Today, Southern Concrete Materials has more than 175 mixer trucks, 300 employees, 25 tractors and 24 locations. They have served as partners for several big construction projects in North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina, including:

  • Henderson County courthouse
  • Amazon warehouses
  • Asheville Outlets
  • Biltmore Park
  • Hendersonville High School
  • Sierra Nevada Brewery

SCM Concrete – Residential Concrete Suppliers

Southern Concrete Materials may be well-known for its work on large construction projects, but the company still specializes in residential projects.

They work with large and small developers and can help with a variety of residential projects, including:

  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Remodeling projects

Some of their notable residential projects include:

  • Western Carolina housing

To serve residential customers, SCM Concrete has plants located throughout:

  • Western North Carolina
  • Northeast Georgia
  • Upstate South Carolina

The company strives to take an environmentally friendly approach to its work and to offer its products at fair market prices.

Southern Concrete Products

Southern Concrete Materials offers numerous products to meet the needs of today’s contractors. The following products are available:

Construction Materials

Many concrete-related materials are available through the company, including:

  • Compounds for curing and sealing
  • Rebar supports
  • Expansion joints
  • Rigid insulation
  • Wire mesh
  • Rebar
  • And more

Due to Asheville’s mountainous terrain, erosion control products are also sold by Southern Concrete, including burlap, filter fabric, straw logs, stakes and silt fencing and more.

Concrete Block

In the company’s Fletcher and Waynesville plants, they also offer a variety of concrete block products, such as their bulk masonry sand and super sacks. Multiple mortar mixes are available, too.

Southern Concrete offers concrete masonry units that are manipulated to match the unique appearance the homeowner envisions.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete has been the backbone of Southern Concrete Materials for over 50 years. The concrete is ready for use on pavement, block walls, brick walls, foundations and even for gate fittings.

The company offers ready mix concrete to meet the building site’s needs, such as mixes with higher tensile strength.

Precast Concrete

Southern Concrete Materials manufactures and sells Redi-Rock concrete using precast solutions that rely on reusable mold and forms to be created. The curing takes place in a controlled environment, allowing for strong, durable blocks that can then be:

  • Transported to the construction site
  • Lifted into place

For over 20 years, the company has been offering precast products for multiple applications, such as septic tanks, sewers, utility vaults, drainage boxes, concrete fencing and more. Delivery is available from 25 locations in North Carolina.

SCM Precast’s lineup of products also includes junction boxes, curb bumpers, well pipes, lids, catch basins, step risers, land markers, concrete pads, anchor bolts, rebar and rod chairs, drainpipes and more.

In the company’s service area, they sell and install Redi-Rock. These walls are often 13-feet high or bigger and each system weighs 1,500 to 2,500 pounds. Infinite color options are available along with two rock faces, if you want the structure to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Southern Concrete precast aims to help change the way concrete is used in residential and commercial settings.

Southern Concrete Materials is affiliated with numerous associations, including being an NPCA certified plant, the North Carolina Septic Tank Association, Redi-Rock and is an approved supplier of the Department of Transportation for the State of North Carolina.

35 Meadow Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28803