BuildBlock Building Systems offer fast, long-lasting construction across North America, Canada, Mexico and now, internationally. When building a new home, the insulating concrete forms (ICFs) allow for construction methods that exceed local building codes and are able to provide top-of-the-line energy efficiency.

BuildBlock History

Buildblock Building Systems
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BuildBlock was founded in 2004 by Mike Garrett. Mr. Garrett worked for two major ICF companies for over a decade and also brought 15 years of construction experience to the company.

He started BuildBlock to help fill a void in the industry when building complex structures.

His goal was to help these projects:

  • Improve quality
  • Be more efficient
  • Go faster

BuildBlock’s motto “build it once, build it for life” was built on the values of integrity, education, quality, profitability, empowerment, innovation and customer satisfaction. Integrity is of the utmost importance, with BuildBlock working with multiple stakeholders, including customers, installers, distributors, employees, investors and dealers to bring the best products to market.

The company has grown from a small entity to BuildBlock building systems being manufactured in thirteen facilities across North America, including:

  • Decatur, Alabama
  • McFarland, California
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Jerome, Idaho
  • Post Falls, Idaho
  • Belcamp, Maryland
  • West Brookfield, Massachusetts
  • Nixa, Missouri
  • Piqua, Ohio
  • Watertown, South Dakota
  • Waxahachie, Texas

International partners in Chile also enable the company to offer their products outside of the United States. Through the network that the company has built, they’ve been able to install and distribute systems to Canada, Mexico and the United States. Foreign licensing partners has helped BuildBlock ICF Homes expand outside of these countries, too.

Why Customers Choose BuildBlock ICF Homes

BuildBlock is a complete ICF solution that offers form sizes of 4” to 12” that meets the needs of any project. There are a lot of reasons why contractors and builders opt for a BuildBlock solution over other options:

  • All of the foam is fully reversible so that you can be confident that it will fit into any form no matter which way you turn or position it.
  • The corners offered by BuildBlock are 6” longer than the industry standard and have 45° and 90° options. Longer corners reduce the need for bracing while also keeping walls straight and plumb. Corner pullout is also eliminated.
  • Cut lines and molded tape measure are on each block to make sure that the blocks can be cut to the right size every time.
  • Blocks interlock tightly thanks to a patented design. The snug fit reduces the need for clips or zip ties, which add to the overall cost of the project.
  • Web spacing is at 6 inches to deliver straighter, stronger walls. BuildBlock claims that their blocks are the strongest in the industry.
  • Customer service is ready and willing to help you from start to finish when using BuildBlock. When you want to ensure that your project is a success, the resources help you get the job done right the first time. There are videos, engineering manuals and other installation materials to help make the construction process move along smoothly.
  • Waste is kept to a bare minimum thanks to the 1” repeating pattern that allows for precision cuts for fully interlocking walls. The scraps left can be used in the walls without impacting the strength of the project.
  • High-density, 450-pound attachment points are available every 8” vertically on each web. These two attachment points are ideal for bracing and heavy cabinetry.
  • Studs are embedded and can be anchored 1/2″ below the surface of the block to prevent web from showing and also to prevent thermal bridging from occurring. This is key when using stucco or plaster on the walls.
  • All of the products offered are designed to last a lifetime and offer low maintenance. The materials offer sustainable construction and a truly green ICF build.
  • BuildBlock is resilient and able to withstand the elements extremely well. The blocks have a four-hour fire rating, eliminate outside sound and can withstand winds of up to 250mph. In areas of the country where tornadoes, high winds and fire are a major concern, BuildBlock offers peace of mind and added safety.

BuildBlock Energy Efficiency and Savings

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BuildBlock ICFs are known for being highly energy efficient, which can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their home. For commercial buildings, the savings can easily reach six figures per year.

One comparison provided is for a 5,000 square foot home in Oklahoma.

The massive home is 1,000 square foot larger than a non-ICF home and was able to save $0.38 per square foot on energy costs, or $1,769 per year in savings. The savings reduced the cost to heat the home by 58%.

ICF Savings

In general, houses built with BuildBlock are able to use 44% less energy when heating the home and 32% less when cooling the home. In areas where the temperatures dip very low, such as Canada, the savings can be even higher.

Smaller heating and cooling equipment are also required, which can save $500 to $2,000 in upfront costs when constructing the home or building. These figures come from a study that examined the energy saving across 58 single-family homes in the US and Canada.

In one, 33-apartment building, it was possible to reduce the air-conditioning costs of each unit from $400 to $80. The region where this apartment is located has temperatures of 80 to 90 degrees all year long, with heat indexes that easily reach 115 degrees.

Reducing monthly cooling costs was an essential part of this project and was made possible, with ICF while failing with other materials.

The benefits of constructing with BuildBlock allows you to be confident that your construction project’s finished product is durable, resilient and will be low-maintenance, too. With the addition of energy savings, BuildBlock offers long-term savings that aren’t able to be realized with other building materials.

BuildBlock Family of Products

foam construction blocks by BuildBLock

BuildBlock’s product family continues to expand as new voids in the industry need to be filled. The company’s current family of products can help provide materials that are able to withstand the elements while also keeping budgets low.

The products that are in the BuildBlock family are:

  • BuildBlock: The BuildBlock is the company’s core product, offering the world’s most energy-efficient, durable material that can be used to save money and add durability to projects. No on-site construction is required, blocks are ready to stack and they’re fully reversible. Six-inch centers also boast high-density plastic to create the strongest ICFs possible.
  • BuildLock Knockdown: A system of two, 2.5 inch expanded polystyrene panels that provide the industry’s strongest knock-down product. There is a 3-axis locking attachment that adds to the stability of the product. These blocks are even stronger than the BuildBlock ICF blocks.
  • BuildRadius: Ideal for ICF walls and pools, these forms are 2’, 4’, 8’, 12’, 16’ and 20’ arcs and interlock into the 6” BuildBlock product line.
  • GlobalBlock: The first reversible foam block that reduces concrete needs by 35% with a 43% higher R-value.
  • BuildDeck: The BuildDeck system comes in numerous thicknesses and offers lower noise levels. These systems are used for flooring or roof systems and make it easy to install both plumbing and electric.
  • BuildBuck: Create a seamless transition from walls to doors and window openings using the BuildBuck system. Three attachment areas are available every six inches, allowing for attachment in the center or along each edge.
  • BuildCrete: The market’s leading synthetic coating, with stucco, plaster and pool plaster options available. As a one-coat system, BuildCrete can be used indoors and outdoors as a fast, efficient synthetic coating.
  • BuildBlock HardWall: Create a concrete wall on one side and an insulated ICF wall on the other with the use of the HardWall. The HardWall makes use of the Knockdown to enhance the building process.
  • BuildShield Termite: The Termite offers added protection that uses a patented technology that works on both concrete and wood flooring systems.
  • BuildShield FireStop: Using patent-pending technology, the FireStop is designed to stop gasses and sparks from moving behind wall finishes. When fire rated systems need additional strength, the FireStop adds additional protection, which is ideal for apartments, schools and multi-family homes where the risk of fire is higher.
  • ThermalSert: If additional insulation is required, ThermalSert can be inserted between blocks and forms to add 4.2 R-value offering a higher energy efficiency rating.
  • BuildBrace: Bracing and alignment support is provided via the BuildBrace system. Bracing improves worker efficiency in ways that’s not possible otherwise. One person can now measure and make adjustments while never leaving a platform.

BuildBlock products all work together to make your next construction project as painless as possible. The blocks come in straight, angle and other shapes to fit the unique needs of every construction project while also allowing for 100% design freedom.

What Structures Can Be Built with BuildBlock

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BuildBlock ICF homes are not the only structures that can be built. When you work with BuildBlock, you have multiple design options, including but not limited to:

  • Residential homes. Use BuildBlock to construct energy-efficient homes that are able to withstand most natural disasters, especially when compared to stick-built homes.
  • Basements and foundations. Most construction projects require a foundation of some sort. Worry-free construction is possible with the help of ICF solutions that offer strong walls and solid insulation that is perfect for basements and foundations.
  • Commercial spaces. From hotels to high-density housing, BuildBlock systems can be used to offer safer, faster construction methods.
  • Churches and schools. ICF construction is used extensively when construction schools, churches, warehouses and other buildings that need larger spaces that are more comfortable, safer and energy efficient.
  • Pools. The systems that BuildBlock has designed can be used to build pools without impacting design quality or freedom.

When you choose BuildBlock ICFs, you’ll be able to access installation and technical manuals, CAD details and additional documentation to make the entire construction process go smoothly.

You can purchase online and work with a network of distributors and installers to ensure that your project’s goals are met.

BuildBlock Pricing

BuildBlock works with everyone from builders to owners of a home to price their project properly. DirectConnect, a program offered through BuildBlock, bases all of the pricing on the past 12-month period.

If you find that you need additional products within this period, you may be eligible for discounts that lower your costs even further.

You can pick up the product at one of the company’s facilities to save on costs, or you can have the items shipped on a 53-foot dry van.

Distributors and dealers can secure even lower prices than what the company is able to offer builders or contractors.

BuildBlock is interested in your project’s success. From extreme durability to high weather resistance, the blocks outperform other materials while requiring less maintenance. The company even offers free online training to help builders maximize the benefits of their ICF construction.

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