Logix ICF

Logix ICF is a part of the Logix Brands family, which produces products that help builders and contractors save time and money. The company was founded in 2001 and is part of a consortium of five independently-owned businesses.

Logix is one of the leading ICF brands in North America and offers an extensive product line-up.

Logix ICF’s Advantages

Who Makes The Best ICF Blocks?

Logix stands out among the competition because of their innovative products and approach. Some of the many advantages of choosing Logix ICF include:

6-in-1 Construction Design

Logix insulated concrete forms have a 6-in-1 construction design to save you time and money. Each form has the following:

  • Concrete
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Insulation
  • Vapor barrier
  • Air barrier
  • Furring strips

Rather than having to install each of these six components, Logix has done all of the hard work for you. It saves on labor costs and reduces construction time. It is a truly turn-key ICF solution.

FEMA Approved

Logix forms have FEMA approved resilience against weather and other natural forces, including earthquakes, fires, moisture and wind.

Reinforced concrete ICF walls provide greater protection compared to wood-framed walls. They’re much more effective at resisting seismic loads and have a fire resistance rating of up to 4 hours. Using reinforced concrete flooring also provides fire protection between each level in the home or building. It also provides greater resistance against high winds and seismic activities.

Energy Savings

Logix ICF can help you achieve net-zero level energy savings of up to 50%. How do they achieve this?

  • Two panels of continuous foam insulation envelope the home to achieve an R-value of at least R25.
  • Air-tight wall assembly that reduces air infiltration by up to 60% to virtually eliminate drafts.
  • Thermal benefits of concrete. Logix’s concrete core has a 5-day thermal lag to offer further energy savings.

Logix’s products help keep heat and cool air indoors, reducing the stress on your heating and cooling system and keeping your home more comfortable.

Indoor Comfort

Indoor air quality is always a concern, especially because we’re spending the vast majority of our time indoors. Logix helps create homes and structures that have virtually no cold spots or drafts, no off-gases and no opportunity for mold growth.

Logix is able to achieve these feats because their buildings:

  • Are airtight
  • Have high thermal mass
  • Greatly reduce the need for thermal bridging
  • Will not rot
  • Reduce noise

Together, these effects create a building that’s comfortable to live in and offers healthier indoor air quality compared to traditional stick-built structures.

Intelligent Design

One of the greatest advantages of Logix products is their intelligent design. Their ICFs all conform to the accepted conventions and standards, but they’re built to outperform.

Logix forms have the following features:

  • 4’ long
  • Rebar 16” o/c
  • 8” furring strips
  • 2-3/4″ panels for an R25 value
  • Wiring channels every 16”
  • Maximum strength rebar holders
  • Cutlines every 1,” eliminating the need to brace with wood boards
  • Smart tandem interlock design
  • Strong reinforced corners

All-in-all, Logix’s design saves time and money by allowing for quicker, more efficient and less labor intensive builds.

Logix Product Line-Up

The Logix product line-up includes:

Logix Pro

The Pro Series includes fully assembled blocks with 2-3/4″ foam panels that produce an R-value of R25. This series includes the following products:

  • Standard: Used for building straight walls. The most commonly used form offered by Logix.
  • Double Taper Top: Includes two tapered panels to for maximum bearing surface at the top of the wall.
  • 90-Degree Corner: Used to create strong and secure corners. Includes an abundance of fastening areas and eliminates the need for miter cuts.
  • Taper Top: Placed on top of a Logix wall to create a smooth, flat surface. Creates a more bearing surface for roof, floor or wall connections.
  • Brickledge: Produces an engineered ledge for attaching brick veneers.
  • V12 90 Corner: Part of the V12 line-up of blocks that are up to 12” high. They integrate seamlessly with the corner full height Pro blocks.
  • 45 Degree Corner: Builds strong and secure 45-degree corners. Offers an abundance of fastening surfaces and eliminates the need for miter cuts.
  • V12 Standard: The V12 standard blocks integrate seamlessly with the standard Pro blocks.

Logix KD

The KD series is designed to save on freight costs. These unassembled forms ship flat, making it easier and less expensive to ship materials.

The KD series includes the following products:

  • Standard: Designed for straight walls with rebar patterns already in place.
  • 90-Degree Corner: Quickly build 90-degree corners without miter cuts.
  • Taper Top: Used with Standard panels to create a tapered top form. Creates a smooth and flat top for more secure roof, floor and wall connections.
  • Brickledge Panel: Used in conjunction with the standard panel to create a Brickledge form that supports brick veneer.
  • T-Wall: Reduces the need to cut forms and provide additional form support. T-wall units are available in long and short units to maintain a 16” offset.

Logix XP-1

The XP-1 series is designed for ICF walls with exposed concrete. Along with being forgiving, XP-1 products are also self-aligning. They come in 10 wall thickness options, allowing for seamless integration with other ICF and conventional concrete walls. Code-compliant rebar coverage is built-in for convenience. These forms include reusable 4’ x 8’ plywood sheets to minimize seams and create a secure offset.

Logix Platinum Series

The Platinum Series includes Logix products made with specially treated expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) that boosts the insulation value without making the foam thicker or affecting performance.

Logix TX Series

The TX Series is designed for buildings in areas with high insect infestation. In areas with very heavy termite infestation levels, building codes require foam to be treated to protect against termites.

The form panels in the TX series are made from EPS. Each foam bead that makes up their EPS foam panels are treated with imidacloprid that protects against termites. It kills termites before they have a chance to chew through the outer surface.


Naturally, Logix ICF also offers accessories that integrate seamlessly with their products. These accessories include:

  • D-Rv: Adds an additional 2” of foam insulation and, if required, an additional drainage plane. When used with the Logix Platinum Series, this accessory can boost a wall assembly’s R-value to R37.
  • Height Adjuster: Used to build walls to 4” height increments to reduce waste.
  • Pro Buck: The complete solution for wall openings. Logix’s Pro Buck is 6.25” and delivers R-49 framing around doors and windows.
  • End Cap: Make it easy to terminate walls while creating a thermal break that cuts down on energy costs.
  • Pilaster: An accessory that’s unique to Logix. Used for building tall walls that need additional structural strength.

Logix ICF Applications

Logix products can be used in a variety of applications, including:

Complete Homes

Logix ICF homes are stronger and more resilient to nature than traditional stick-built homes. The great thing about Logix’s products is that they can help you create virtually any home design.

Typically, homes are built with a concrete core thickness of 6.25” or 8,” but larger homes may need wider concrete cores, which Logix offers.

Homes built with Logix ICF have an R-value of R25, which can be increased through the Platinum Series (R28) or installing the D-Rv Panel (R37).

Plus, the high-mass concrete core offers a 5-day thermal lag for even greater energy efficiency. Logix homes are airtight to eliminate drafts and cold spots.

Basements and Foundations

Logix products are often used for building basements and foundations. Their XtraComfort basement will feel just as comfortable as the other living areas of your home and offers a thermal performance of R24. You can increase this rating to R36 with the D-Rv Panel or R27 with the Platinum Series.

You can build your basement or foundation to your desired ceiling height. Many people prefer 9’ tall ceilings.

Multi-Family Buildings

Mid-rise buildings constructed with Logix are quicker to build and more cost effective. The quicker construction is complete, the quicker you can start moving in tenants and generating cash flow.

Logix has been used to create 14-storey and 6-storey buildings.

Net-Zero Homes

Logix is the ideal solution for Zero Energy Ready Homes. These homes are so energy efficient that using a renewable energy system would offset all or most energy consumption.

Logix can help you create an airtight building envelope with an R-value of R25 or higher. When properly designed, Logix XtraComfort homes can cut energy consumption by 50% and outperform existing building codes by 60%.


Frederick Douglas High School

ICFs are quickly becoming the standard for school buildings in the U.S. because of their superior energy efficiency. ICF schools can reduce their energy bills by up to 75%, which translates to tens of thousands of dollars in savings.

Logix products can be used to create:

  • Exterior walls
  • Stem walls
  • Interior load bearing walls

Logix has been used to build several schools, including a 287,000 square foot school built to Net Zero standards.

Commercial Buildings

Quick to build and energy efficient, Logix ICF makes sense for commercial buildings. Their products can be used to construct a variety of buildings, including:

  • Agricultural storage
  • Entertainment venues
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores

Durable and built with withstand weather events, building with Logix is a smart investment for businesses.

Assisted Living Facilities

Logix’s 6-in-1 construction blocks save time and money, allowing assisted living facilities to be constructed more quickly. They can be designed with any exterior finish and aligned with a facility’s brand to create a welcoming and appealing environment for residents.

Logix products can be used for the following elements of an assisted living facility:

  • Below-grade walls
  • Demising walls
  • Above-grade exterior walls

Other Applications

Logix can be used for a variety of other applications and specialty uses, including:

  • Safe rooms
  • Military facilities
  • Tall walls
  • Pools
  • SFPFs (shallow frost-protected foundations)
  • Boathouses, and more

If you can dream it, you can probably build it with Logix ICF.

Logix ICF Homes Cost

Considering building a home with Logix ICF?

Cost may be your first concern. With advanced energy efficiency and the other benefits offered by Logix, you may assume that their homes will be more costly. However, Logix ICF homes should cost roughly the same as a stick-built home.

For basements and foundations, the costs are also relatively similar to a well-insulated foundation built using conventional methods.

In coastal areas, some builders are offering newly-built homes at no additional cost compared to homes with basic masonry walls.

Logix ICF offers a complete solution for building ICFs smartly and quickly. Energy efficiency, durability and weather resilience are just a few of the many advantages of building with Logix. The company offers a wide range of products and first-rate customer service to help you every step of the way in the building process.

The company has offices across the U.S. and Canada, including Western Canada/West Coast, Southeast US, South Central US, Eastern Canada/Northeastern US and Central Canada/Midwest US.

In addition to their products, Logix also provides training and education to cover all phases of construction with their products.

Visit LogixICF.com to start your project.

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