Prefab Concrete Homes

Huga Home is a prefab concrete home created by Grandio, a company based in Córdoba, Argentina. The company boasts more than 75 years and four generations of experience in construction. With more than 2,000 residential units under their belt, Huga Home is helping us rethink our housing.

The company has been partnering with a number of precast concrete companies to make their homes a reality.

Concrete Prefabs from Huga

Huga prefabs simplify the home-building process. They don’t require extensive site work, and installation is quick and easy.

Homes are delivered on a truck and don’t even require a foundation. This means that homes can easily be moved when needed. They’re also bullet-proof and resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes.

Homes are naturally bright and offer natural ventilation. As a result, they’re suitable for most climates, including extreme ones. They can just as easily withstand Florida’s humidity as they can Quebec’s extreme snowfall.

Huga offers a few options for their prefab concrete home concept.

The Huga Home

concrete prefab house
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Huga Homes are made entirely from reinforced concrete. Because concrete is so strong and versatile, homes can be placed virtually anywhere – and without losing their energy efficiency.

These homes are estimated to weigh 55 Tn. The company works with specialists to coordinate the delivery and transfer of Huga Homes.

A Huga Home:

  • Takes less than a day to install
  • Requires minimal site preparation
  • Can be extended or reduced with ease
  • Has an optional rooftop patio

Each Huga Home is 484 sqft and includes a:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Mezzanine sleeping area
  • Living room
  • Kitchen

Smart features like built-in storage maximize space and help families live more comfortably. Homes also have large sliding windows with metal shutters that can be opened and closed with ease for shade and privacy.

The home’s interior volume spans 3.90 x 3.90 x 11 m, providing plenty of vertical space and allowing a plentiful amount of natural light through the tall windows.

The interior includes all of the amenities of modern living.

  • The full kitchen includes space for a cooktop, oven, sink, washing machine and more.
  • The built-in dining area separates the living and sleeping areas.
  • The bathroom features a full shower, sink and toilet.
  • Closets in the bedroom
  • Hidden storage under the staircase

Homes can be configured to your needs to ensure that it complements your lifestyle.


Huga’s LOFT home is just as energy-efficient and easy to install as the regular Huga Home. However, it’s slightly smaller at 348.43ft2. Although more compact, LOFT has built-in storage and other features that make it comfortable and welcoming.

Huga LOFT is:

  • Modular and can be expanded or reduced quickly and easily
  • Easily customizable to suit your taste and location

The home’s layout is similar to the Huga Home, but the mezzanine transforms from a bedroom to the living area.

The Huga LOFT does require a level surface for installation as well as utility connections – as do all Huga homes.

Like its larger counterpart, the LOFT can be installed in just one day and is transported to the home site via a truck.


If the LOFT home is the compact version of the original Huga Home, the PLUS is the expanded version. These prefabs can serve as ADUs (accessory dwelling units) or an expansion on your Huga home.

These PLUS spaces are 226.69ft2 and allow you to add extra space to your home or use the space as an office, guest space, artist’s studio or whatever else you please.

Other Huga Products

Along with residential units, you can also find Huga prefabs for business and the hospitality industry.

  • Suite: Designed to serve as a hotel room, but offers versatility. For example, the room can transform from single to double. Bathrooms are fully zoned. Construction meets international requirements, with a 3-, 4- and 5-star hierarchy.
  • Business: Huga buildings are designed to meet commercial needs. These structures can easily be used as offices, shops and more. In addition, easy installation and maintenance mean that businesses can open locations much more quickly than with traditional construction.

Ordering Huga Homes

Grandio, the company behind Huga Homes, has stated that they have plans to expand to Europe and North America once they have established partnerships with precast concrete producers in these areas.

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