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Rinker Materials knows that for many people, affording a home is difficult. Rising costs and mortgages are putting ownership out of reach for many people. However, Rinker’s concrete pipe tiny house is designed to change that.

As the company states, “owning a home is no pipe dream.”

Spacious, comfortable and perfect for one or two people, these 100-square-foot homes are a solution to overpopulation and homelessness, and their strength allows them to withstand natural disasters and stack up for multi-layer housing in cities.

What is a Tube House and the Trend of Concrete Micro Housing?

Concrete micro housing is a new trend, offering you a tiny home in the middle of urban areas. Micro-housing is a trend that has really become popular in recent years, and the concrete pipe house is just one of the concepts that have taken off.

The trend owes its popularity to the Hong Kong market, which has seen a similar trend with the Opod Tube House.

concrete pipe

The home is made from repurposed, concrete water pipes that have an 8’ diameter. Approximately 100 square feet of space is available in these models, perfect for one or two people that want to enjoy:

  • Affordable, durable housing
  • Top-tier amenities
  • Housing options for young people

Installation of these homes requires little time, and you can easily secure one tube to another to further lower installation costs. The original home concept was designed to be installed around cities, in small, unused areas.

According to the original architect, the concrete pipe tiny house is perfect for small and large spaces alike. In cities, the vision is to have tube communities taking up space in alleyways and under bridges – areas, typically serving little purpose.

Due to the ease of connecting the structures together, it’s possible to stack multiple tubes on top of each other for multi-tier housing communities. The concrete tube’s strength allows for four or more tubes to stack on each other without structural concerns.

The possibilities of the concrete pipe tiny house in densely populated cities means additional, affordable housing for residents without long construction periods, which can be difficult to obtain approval.

Creative and innovative, the home concept was part of the Pipe Dream contest, where over 50 submissions were sent to the company to find a solution to the housing price and availability crisis.

Rinker Materials, the builder of Rinker concrete tubes, is one of the leading small concrete house builders.

Rinker Materials Pipe Dream Concrete Pipe House

Rinker Materials Concrete Pipe Tiny House

Rinker Materials has unveiled a small concrete house concept that uses large concrete tubes. Mobile and stackable, these concrete tubes cost less to create than pouring a foundation for a home.

According to Rinker, finished forms are just $15,000. It’s important to note that this cost is only for the form. It does not include any finishings, plumbing, electricity, etc.

But what exactly do these 30-ton homes provide?

  • 100 square feet of space
  • 8’ diameter
  • 16’ length
  • A bedroom
  • A bathroom
  • A kitchen/dining space
  • Living room
Rinker Concrete

The concrete tube concept was created as part of a Pipe Dream contest from Rinker Materials and AIAS. Creator and architect Sandra Guillen developed the home’s design as a solution for housing problems that plague many countries. The affordability and resiliency of these homes makes them a potential solution for:

  • Homelessness
  • Natural disasters that displace families
  • Overpopulation
  • Encouraging homeownership

These concrete homes can be built in a day, are fire-resistant and can be transported on a flatbed truck. To stabilize the home, owners only need eight rubber wheel chocks.

The stackable nature of these concrete tiny homes allows them to be stacked and placed next to each other to build pipe home communities.

Sandra Guillen’s concept home was brought to life and put on display at the Las Vegas International Builders’ Show. With all of the added amenities and features, the prototype home costs $35,000. Even at $35,000, this concrete pipe home is highly affordable compared to a traditional home.

Tube Houses and the Tiny House Trend

Are tube houses the next tiny house? Only time will tell whether the concrete tub house idea will take off. These homes can be a practical solution for homelessness and overpopulation. Concrete is naturally fire-resistant and highly durable, making it a low-maintenance solution for individuals and families.

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