Villa Radal

Villa Radal is a beautiful modern home designed by Bornstein Lyckefors and constructed in 2019. The location of the home in Långedrag, west of Gothenburg, Sweden, is important, because the architect’s design decisions were tailored both to the needs of the clients and the requirements of the location.

The neighborhood in which the villa is located features wide lots, elevation changes, groves, and gardens. Indeed, Villa Radal is situated on Osberget’s northern slope, and is right next to a grove of oak trees.

The architects strived to make the most of this setting, creating a structure that offered commanding views of its beautiful surroundings. At the same time, there were also important considerations regarding the climate. Located on the coast, Långedrag can be subjected to serious wind and cold. So, materials that provided great insulation and which could stand the test of time were necessary for this project.

To that end, Bornstein Lyckefors went with natural gray plaster for the outside of the home and galvanized steel for the roofs. Heat-treated pine was used for the terraces and their wide overhangs, providing as sheltered a space as possible while still maintaining wide open views. Concrete floors and concrete and wood chip composite board walls and ceilings are found inside the home.

The combination of wood and concrete offers a “best of both worlds” ambiance. The concrete meets the practical requirements of the climate and fits well with the modern configuration of the home, but the wood helps to soften it up a bit, making for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

From an aesthetic point of view, one interesting choice regarding the design of the structure is the use of wide, wraparound glass doors on much of the lower floor of the home, with enclosed walls above. These walls are weighty in a visual sense. But with the glass underneath, they have an almost “floating” effect. A huge patio extends around the home, offering a near-seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

An elegant staircase with an artistic railing extending down from above appears to hang suspended in space, leading to the second floor. The first floor features a living room and bedrooms, while the second story features another living room, a kitchen, terraces, and balconies. On this floor as well, you will find large glass doors with heavier materials above, and an open flow of space between indoor living spaces and the wide balconies. So, in a way, the second floor’s design mirrors that of the ground floor.

Villa Radal by Bornstein Lyckefors is a structure that is a perfect match for its setting.

Its occupants can enjoy the ambiance of a modern, low-maintenance, sturdy, and well-insulated home while still making the most of the amazing views available from the slope of Osberget. On warmer days, they can open the doors on either story wide, letting in fresh air aplenty. On cooler days, they can close the doors and still feel connected to their surroundings.

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